Friday, April 12, 2013

Welcome Weekend | A Decade of Keeping My Cold Feet Warm

Photo Credit: Andrew Cook

This weekend we celebrate ten good years. Some blissfully easy moments. Some mundane. Some tearful. But all good, because a good marriage is about making us more like Christ. Sometimes that means staring at all the unlovely places in ourselves, right after we've dwelt too long on all the unlovely things in our spouse. And then making changes, because this marriage is a forever thing, until death do us part, even if some moments we think we are unhappy or we briefly forget who exactly we thought we fell in love with.

Ten years. Praying I am blessed with many more decades of Eric being the one to keep my cold feet warm.

Praying you also welcome your weekend with an open heart for all that God has given you,


P.S. I am not marriage expert. But I am flawed woman married to a flawed man. If you have ever been disappointed by your marriage or if you you are pretty certain it isn't everything that you thought it was going to be when you walked down the aisle, I have a book title I want to share with you. I am warning you, it might make you a little uncomfortable (or a lot) and you might struggle with sorting out how the truth of the words may just change your perspective and your marriage. For me, everything changed when I read the book (without ever making my Eric read it): Sacred Marriage, Gary Thomas


  1. Thanks so much for your recommendation for the book. I tried it once and found it dry, but might not have been in the right frame of mind. I will try again soon, thanks to you. And congrats on your 10 years! Yay!

    1. Perhaps it felt dry because he didn't need to reminder or perspective... It was one that I remember being a quick read, which often means it doesn't require every word be read :)

    2. I didn't mean "he", I meant "you" :)