Friday, May 31, 2013

10 Things I Did in May

May happened quickly. It seems as if my son just came home from school educating me on May Day and asking me where we could pick flowers so we could "ring and ditch" flowers on our neighbors doorstep. We have no flowers to pick, our neighbors have tons of lovely ones. Somehow it didn't seem appropriate to pick their flowers for them, even if we did leave them on their doorstep. But I digress. I didn't do that, but I did do some other things this month...

1. Went to the beach and tossed stones into the water with my hubby and kids.

2. Started planning decorations for our church VBS: God in Action. Pinned tons of super hero party ideas that I think could be tweaked to make up to a hundred kids feel like they get to go to a week long party at church.

3. Walked my first official 5K, which benefited Crisis Pregnancy Center.

4. Got a job. I start June 11. (More to come on that later.)

5. Watched a whole season of Monarch of the Glen (and started the next one).

6. Got a piano. I've wanted one for just about thirty years. Now to learn to really play, though plunking through familiar songs seems to feel pretty good right now.

7. Partied with my now five year old and eight of her closest little friends. Mostly I chatted with the mommies, who are just as much my friends.

8. Attended my last MOPS Leadership meeting and my last MOPS meeting. Classic happy-sad feelings as seasons end and new ones begin.

9. Lost a whole pound while paying for Weight Watchers all month.

10. Had a date with my dad at Haggen for donuts. (It could be these kind of treats that are making it tricky to take off the weight. Just maybe.)

And it was all good...


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