Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Morning | The Mother's Day Gift I Gave Myself

My One Little Word for 2013 has been Discipline. I don't have much of it in certain areas of my life, so it seemed like a good idea. For me that word has translated into some small decisions in my every day life (like getting up a bit earlier) and one extremely big decision, to exercise four to six times a week (which I have never done for more than a couple of weeks in my whole life because I loath exercise in any form).

In the past I've exercised to loose weight or to help my clothes feel better. Esthetics. And it's never lasted very long.

This year I resolved to exercise for a different reason: quality of life. I am quickly approaching forty and my kids are all still young (eight, six, and turning five next week). I have ten to fifteen more years of enjoying life with them home. I want to have all the energy to do fun stuff with them: hikes, playing in the yard, adventures. I noticed it wasn't getting any easier to be active with them. So I have been exercising since January with the purpose of making my body stronger. I have been faithful. I have been consistent. I have been disciplined.

This past Saturday I participated in Pregnancy Choices' Run for your Mum, my very first 5K ever. I didn't run, I walked with a little more than half of the participants. My sweet husband and three kids came to cheer me on. At the finish line I felt like I could have done the course a second time! The day was gorgeous, the weather ideal, the perfect walking partners. My body was strong!

Prior to Saturday I had been discouraged. After five months of faithful treadmill workouts I have only lost about five pounds. My clothes fit a little bit better, but I'm only down about one clothing size. But after I finished the 5K I was reminded of WHY I have been working out. My heart and body is stronger. I was barely winded. I could have walked faster. I could have kept going. I can do more than I once could. It wasn't about being able to do more than anyone else participating. (There were amazing women in our group RUNNING this race.) It was about being able to do more than I could have done five months ago. And  I was able to do much more than I could have five months ago! So as I head to Weight Watchers this morning I am going to try and remember my success when that scale doesn't sink low enough (or even at all).


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