Saturday, June 1, 2013

Project Life | Week Eighteen

Lately I have been working hard to get Project Life all caught up before Summer arrives. The kids only have two weeks left of school. I start a new (very part time)  job in a week and a half. Plus, I have just wrapped up a lot of volunteer responsibilities. So here in this space in between I'm getting caught up. Here is the first Project Life post, with the promise of more to come. When I get them all posted I will celebrate by posting my June Freebies. (If you missed them, my May Freebies can be found HERE.)

As I went back to the photos taken in week 18 I realized I didn't carry the camera around much. Or maybe I did and I just didn't pull it out. Whatever the case, I didn't have as much to work with as I typically do. I'm sure none all of you can relate.

I was so thankful I am in the habit of including a monthly calendar and that the first of the month landed in week 18.

Not a lot of text this week. I'm okay with that some weeks. It's okay to get a bit tired of my own words. There are plenty throughout the whole of the project.

I was very thankful for Eric's small camera that I had tucked into my purse when we decided to head to the beach, totally last minute. The water was gorgeous. We didn't stay long. We ate our packed lunch, which the kids complained about because they were cold. Then, on the beach, they were completely content to play, all fussing gone. Whatever. The girls loved tossing rocks into the water and then collecting shells. They weren't happy when I told them they had to leave the shells on the beach.

I will be linking up at The Mom Creative, since I love to get inspired by everyone else who participates in the link party.


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