Monday, June 3, 2013

Project Life | Week Twenty

When I sat down to work on Project Life for Week 20 the giddy feelings I felt that week came flooding back. It was such a good week. Mercy had a field trip, which she was so excited about. They left school before the buses would arrive in the morning, so I had to drive her to school. Gracie loves any chance she gets to go to school, even though she doesn't get to stay.

Also this week I was working on prep for Gracie's birthday party, which was a friend party, since she was turning five. So I made my own bean bags. For the first time EVER the sewing machine didn't fight me and they came together beautifully (I am so not a seamstress, but for a brief evening I thought I could make a whole wardrobe of cute clothes.) Eric put the finishing touches on the bean bag toss game. Loved it! He always goes over the top, so I try to be selective in my asking. So glad I asked for this. I see the kids getting lots of use out of this all summer.

But my heart really gets excited when I think of the two big items that moved into our house during that week. The first to arrive was this shelving unit that I have been coveting wishing I had. My dear friend has multiples of these in her home and I had told her once that if/when she ever got rid of a set I would be interested in buying. Well, to my immense delight she was reconfiguring her daughters bedroom and these became available. Oh how my heart delights in order. And the girls' room received new shelves, on which their toy tubs fit perfectly! Oh joy! For days I just walked into their room and stood in front of them and smiled. (I know I'm a bit weird.)

And as if that delight was not enough... thanks to my mother-in-law, we are now in possession of a piano. I've only wanted one practically my whole life. So even though finding an inner wall in our 1400 square foot home caused a bit of upheaval, I couldn't be happier. And I'm even okay that we have been without TV, DVDs, or Wii to entertain the children for nearly three weeks. Did I mention the electronic items are just sitting out in my living room, which would normally bring me near tears of frustration? But I don't care, I have a piano!

Do I play the piano, you ask? No, not really. But I have always wanted to. I took one year of lessons many decades ago, but I do love to muddle through simple songs. It gives me so much joy! I have thanked my husband so many times over the last several weeks that I'm sure one of these times he's going to threaten to get rid of it if I don't stop gushing already.

What is bringing a joy like music to your life right now?


"My heart is steadfast, O God;
     I will sing and make music with all my soul."
Psalm 108:1

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