Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer Sabbath | With Intentional Learning

I am embracing rest this summer. Embracing. As in that long, almost awkwardly long hug that communicates you refuse to let it get away, like you almost don't trust that it won't try the second you let go. Embracing.

But my Mercy can't afford a summer where Mommy throws education out the window, in favor of rest. That means Mommy needs to be a bit more creative. And hopefully by the time the last hot warmish spell of summer arrives the healthy practices will have become healthy habits that don't feel like work. We'll see.

Here's what we are doing this summer, Monday through Friday with weekends off. It's simple, with room to build on difficulty without needing to increase in volume:
  • Math - one worksheet
  • Reading - 20 minutes
  • Writing - one journal page

The kids were done with everything in less than an hour after getting up this morning. That left lots of time for painting, Lego creating, lunch on a blanket in the yard, fort building, popsicles on the porch, and even thirty minutes each of wii-time while Mommy got in time on the treadmill.

And my very favorite moment of the day? When Mercy successfully spelled T-A-S-T-E-D by sounding it out. I was impressed and got to tell her. She positively glowed. I love seeing that!


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