Friday, June 28, 2013

Trying to Live True | My Little Response

I receive email updates to a few blogs, truly a few. I hear that Google Reader is no more come Monday and I view it as a way of unsubscribing to a lot of blogs that I haven't been reading in a long time anyway. But I do regular updates via email from a handful of blogs.

This morning THIS one was in my inbox and I read it. I had to smile. She is giving up her iphone in an effort to live a little less addicted to being online, all the time, wherever she's at, whatever she's doing. I don't have an iphone or a smartphone. The only cell phone we have is one we bought for emergencies when I was pregnant with Daniel (Daniel is now eight), so if I broke down on the side of the road I would be able to call for help.

Sometimes I forget I have a phone. Last week I was at a dance recital for my cousin's daughter. Afterwards my girls had to go potty and we got separated and couldn't find my cousin. We ended up leaving without getting to hug and get pictures. It never even occurred to me to pull out my phone and call her cell. Seriously.

But I smiled and nodded my head emphatically this morning as I read her post. You know why? Because I know exactly what I would be like if I had a fancy pants phone. I would be enjoying it. All the time. I would be looking up recipes at the grocery store. I would checking facebook while out on a donut date with my daughter. I don't have a lot of discipline and self-control to consistently deny the temptation all the time. If I'm really honest, I want one.

So this morning I said a prayer of gratitude that my husband and I were too cheap and too lazy to upgrade our phone every time we qualified or I would likely be in the very same place this sweet lover of authentic living that this Sarah Mae is. It may seem extreme to many of you, but I get it because I too am prone to addiction, especially socially acceptable addictions. Like coffee. And facebook. And pinterest. And... do I really need to go on?

What about you?


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  1. Cami, I agree with you and your blogger friend. I have a tablet I bring to work each day to read my books I downloaded. I purposely have not downloaded facebook on it, because I WILL get more addicted than I already am. My friend who I take break with eyes got real wide when I told her I don't do facebook on it, she was shocked and couldn't understand why not, as she stopped and checked her phone when she heard the alert!! haha I have no self control either!!!