Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Insulated Styrofoam | VBS Stage Backdrop {Part 3}

I loved working with the insulated styrofoam. The greatest discovery for me was the ability to use them for lightweight signs! I am in love with the medium for that purpose. Wood is so heavy and bulky. The styrofoam was easy to move around my kitchen and dining room, where I did almost all the painting. LOVE! Loved so much that after I finished the stage I decided we needed a sign that we could put outside, leading into VBS. But this post is really about how the signs helped the stage backdrop, so allow my to focus on that.

Once the panels were up and painted they were striking. The set was the tallest we've probably had in the Worship Center. But they really popped when we added the windows and the action words. For the windows all we did was take quarter sheets of construction paper in yellow and two shades of blue. At first we tried to adhere them with masking tape. That didn't work. So Eric broke out the can of spray adhesive. That worked beautiful. Since they only needed to be up for two weeks we didn't do the permanent bond (where you spray both surfaces and allow it to dry). Two weeks in and they are still well attached. The second thing we did was add some color with the daily action words. Let me walk you through that process.

I did my design in Illustrator (my program of choice). I converted the file to a jpg. Using a portable projector (our church has one) we projected the image onto the styrofoam sheet. I used a yellow highlighter to mark where I needed to paint. Then I started with the words in the center and worked out, building color as I went.

The black really made the whole thing pop.

The only color that was a little tricky to cover over the highlighter was the light blue paint. It was a cheaper brand paint, so it was probably a bit more watery. Again acrylic craft paint is what you want to use. You can buy small bottles of it at any hobby story (Michaels is where I usually buy it).

Then came the cutting out with the styrofoam cutter that I mentioned in Part 1. Tedious, but precision is possible with this tool!

This is how they looked all stacked up. So pretty. (Yep, that's the geeky graphic artist in me.)

And here is the sanctuary. The lighting is really poor. So there are a few close-ups that follow.

Stage right.

Stage right.

I'll post about the telephone booth in another post about the VBS decorations. It turned out awesome and I cannot take credit for it at all! We are blessed with some extremely talented people at our church.

And that's a wrap on the stage. It was work, but it was really a lot of fun and so rewarding. Next time would take a lot less effort and we would probably start earlier and I would pace myself better on the painting. So happy with how it turned out!


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  1. The stage looked SO amazing!!! You did awesome! If I hadn't seen this post, I would have thought that the stage was ordered, like part of the VBS material packet. It doesn't look homemade at all. Good job, friend. :)