Monday, July 22, 2013

Project Life | Week Twenty-Four

I have not kept up on Project Life this Summer. Not at all. But I guess that is the true beauty of Project Life. It's relatively quick getting caught up. The one thing I don't love about not staying on top of it is the loss of the journaling. If I don't get the little details down right away, they are usually gone. But I would much rather be living life than worrying about documenting life, at the expense of not living the experiences. Sometimes you have to trade one for the other. And I'm good with that.

Here is the kids' last week of school. We planned a surprise camping getting away. We took off as soon as they hopped off the bus their last day of school. I am SO thankful we did it. We haven't made it back to the extended family's property yet this summer, so I am extra thankful we got it in first thing.

The "hello summer" journal card and the gingham filler cards are both from my June freebies. You can download them here, if you missed them. I think it's my favorite mini kit yet this year. Maybe it's because I love summer so much.

I had so many photos from our camping trip that I didn't bother with a lot of journaling (plus, as I already mentioned I am behind on PL). But I included my favorite photos and it did capture the feel of the quick one night trip. A perfect start to summer!!


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