Saturday, July 27, 2013

Super Hero VBS Decorations

Before I get too far along telling you about the decorations at our VBS this year I need to be clear, I didn't do all of this. I found some great ideas and then had some really, really talented people make reality better than my dreams.

First up was my favorite. I handed my friend friend Rebecca five speech bubbles with the Memory Verses for each and told her that I wanted silhouettes of kids saying the verses.

This is what she came up with! She used actual kids for models. (I can tell which three are mine!) Look, the hat is even coming off the running kid. I loved it! Those silhouettes are cut out of black bulletin board butcher paper. This was located in the Worship Center, on the wall to the left of the stage.

Without my seamstress friends I wouldn't have had these fun blankets. We had a different colored blanket for each small group. My friend Mary made these blankets. I handed her eight different colored flat twin sheets and she sewed up these 48" square two sided blankets. I loved them. They will be used well beyond this year. The best part? The flat sheets were purchased for $4 each at Walmart!

Here's a picture of the phone booth my friend Kelley made for me. I emailed her a link on pinterest and she made one even cuter. Actually, she made me TWO! You can see it on stage where our storyteller used it as a prop. Our original plan was to have it as a prop in the photo booth area, but with 85 kids at this location we decided it would take quite a beating. So we put it on the stage, which I think looked amazing! Yes, that's a refrigerator box! I know, my friends have some amazing crafty skills!

And here is the graphic artist in all its fullness. We added the action words for each day to the stage.


I loved this garland that I got my friend Rachelle to make for me. It's paper and ribbon. I gave her a copy of Action Bible Storybook (which is AMAZING, if you have a son who is 7-12, I highly recommend you get him one) and some solid colored card stock (primary and secondary colors) and a photo and she did this. Yep, she rocks too! I bet you wish you knew the people I know!

In the far background you can see the cityscape that we did to cover the many bookshelves in our foyer where we did the opening Anticipate activity. (In the foreground you can see the helmets we had the kids decorate, that helmet can be credited to my friend Rebecca who found that idea!)

It was so much fun looking for good ideas for this theme. If you want to see where I got the ideas, check out my Pinterest Board: 2013 VBS | God in Action {TRU}

It just makes you want to have a Super Hero Party, doesn't it?


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