Monday, July 29, 2013

Super Hero | VBS Photo Booth

I am finally getting around to posting some photos of some of the other decorations for VBS. One thing I was super excited to do was set up a photo booth for taking photos.

We had three extra sheets of insulated foam leftover from the stage design. We painted them black. They were the perfect height to wedge in at a slight angle against one of the walls in the Worship Center. Then to cover some bulletin boards and signs I simply hung two solid colored flat sheets (using thumb tacks), gathering them a bit to appear like curtains. We used choir risers that to enable kids to jump off for action shots.

Then I needed props. I had a few seamstresses in the church make some capes. (We had four different VBS locations, so I needed a lot of capes.) I also had them make some simple masks out of felt. (One of the activities on the first day was a create your own super hero mask, so a lot of kids wore masks they'd designed themselves.) We also had signs on sticks for kids to hold. My favorite prop, however, were the weights. The ends were made from cut insulated foam pieces that were painted a metallic grey. The center was a "noodle" cut to the right size.

Lesson learned: If you want to use gaffers tape to hide your seams (highly recommended), the tape sticks great to UNPAINTED insulated foam. It peels right off of painted. You can paint OVER gaffers tape beautifully, without any problem.

This was tons of fun and super easy!


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