Monday, August 12, 2013

40 Digital Freebie Kits {02} | Project Life Style Cards

Happy Monday!

The kids go back to school soon. I say "back to school," but really only two are going back. Gracie will be going for the first time! She is over the top excited, and just a little bit nervous too. I am like every mother who had three children back to back and it's been almost nine years since a free block of time where she didn't feel guilty because her freedom meant that someone else was watching her children just so she could have a free moment. I'm excited. We never did preschool with the kids, so this is kind of a big deal!

And what do I plan on doing, you ask? I am going to scrap 2011 without any guilt. Guilt-free scrapbooking. That is near the very top of my list. Granted there are a few other things up there, too. Like dealing with our bedroom closet that has gathered paper and craft clutter over the same eight years. Hopefully I will actually find out 2011 calendar!

And I plan on using some of the journal cards that I have been designing lately to scrap 2011. I love the colors! Love them! Do you like them too? Go ahead and grab them, they are free. Just remember that they are free for personal use, not for commercial use. Enjoy!

Download the kit here.

What have you put off this summer that YOU plan on doing when the kids head back to school?