Monday, August 19, 2013

Digital Freebie {03} | Back to School Theme

Can you tell that the kids going back to school soon is on my mind? We went shopping for first day outfits, new shoes, and an amazing amount of school supplies. Does every third grader really need sixty pencils? Apparently that's what's required when you throw all the supplies into one big pot. I think some kids must need a lot more than sixty, because I know my third grader could probably get away with a dozen, two dozen tops. But that could be because I would give him the stink-eye if he started treating them like they were free.

On to more important things, like things that actually are FREE! Here's this week's free offering. And if you just bought your kid or kidS school supplies and new back to school clothes you are going to appreciate free. Right? So enjoy free where you can find it!

Download Kit 03 HERE.
Back to School Digital Freebies