Monday, August 26, 2013

Digital Freebie {04} | 4x6 Card Assortment

Download Digital Freebie {04} HERE.

I was updating my freebies section recently and noticed that I don't do very many 4x6 cards. So I decided it was about time to design a few to share. So this week's offering is a mess of 4x6 digital filler cards. I love to treat these just like I would pattern paper scraps and layer them. And if you saw my daughters' closet you will notice that my love of polka dots and stripes isn't limited to paper. I hope you like them too!




  1. thank you, those are seriously adorable :) simple, cute :) I love dots & stripes too :)

  2. these are wonderful ! thank you so much ! I share the link here : and there :