Saturday, September 7, 2013

Digital Freebie {05} | Super Sweet Week Project Life style Cards

Download Super Sweet Freebie HERE.

We have been busy with the first week of school around here. So my freebie this week is six days late. Yep, why do I even bother? And it looks quite a bit leaner than my other offerings. However, I do think these are some of my favorite cards. Hope you enjoy. The plan is to be back on schedule next Monday (just two days away) with another freebie.

I am on the fence about participating in the Week in the Life ( next week. I love, love, love it when I do. Seriously have never regretted it. But I'm behind on so many things right now that I am afraid I will start and not finish (so worse in my mind then never starting the project). So, we'll see. If I decide to do that there will be more posts next week than just the freebie.



  1. cami, I love your freebie downloads. Your color scheme is fabulous - so bright and cheery. Please don't think they aren't appreciated (and please don't stop).

  2. Thank you for the encouragement. Sometimes I wonder if they are getting used :) Glad to know they are!

  3. GREATLY appreciated! Just stumbled on your site and can't believe how generous you are! Thank you!!

  4. so sweet ! thank you very much ! I share the link here : and there :