Thursday, September 5, 2013

First Day of School

It happened. I survived.

Tuesday was the kids' first day of school. This year was a big deal because my youngest started kindergarten. I can't even tell you how many people have asked me what I am going to do with all that free time. Free time? Around here kindergarten is part time. Two days one week and three the next. One of those days I work. Another will be split helping out in three classrooms. The other day, if I don't have work that I need to go in to get done, hmm, let's see... One thing on my list to get done sometime tomorrow is another bundle of freebies. (Did you notice I missed posting them this last week?)

And a few pictures to show the emotion (mine) of the day...

Gracie came home and said her day was good, but wanted to know why it had to be sooooooooo long!

I asked Gracie if anyone in her class had trouble listening and obeying. She said, "Yes. A girl and a boy." We went on and talked about something else. Then I decided to go back to the subject. I asked who the kids who struggled were. "I was the girl," she confessed. Then she went on to tell me about the injustice of her not being able to answer the question when "EVERYBODY ELSE" got to answer. It turned into a teachable moment. The next day, I decided I needed to investigate a bit further, to see if I could discover the degree of the situation. I asked if she had to leave the classroom to talk about it or if Mrs. M. corrected her in the class. Gracie informed me that she had corrected her in front of the class, but she hoped next time would be "in private". I didn't know if I should tell her that "in private" would be the result of a much greater offense and that I was very relieved that it had only been a verbal correction from the front of the class! I decided to keep that bit of info to myself, at least for now.

I think we struck gold with Daniel's teacher Mrs. P. She is fun and organized! Daniel came home animated and full of details of how he could earn "school money" that can be saved up for an auction at the end of each month. He is going to have a good year.

Mercy doesn't like school. Actually, let me qualify that, Mercy loves the social aspects of school, but the academics are not her favorite thing. She has been dreading the return to school. We have been praying that somehow there would be joy in going for her and even joy in the academics of it all. When she came home the first day I asked how it was. Her response, "It was awesome!"

We're all pretty tired around here, though. School and learning new routines and expectations is very, very exhausting. That and getting up early again!


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