Monday, September 16, 2013

Project Life | Week 31 {Our Family Vacation}

I am reminded one should never say never.

I never thought I would do what I just did with week 31... use more than one double spread. I have tried, successfully, I might add, to always limit myself to the two pages each week. After all, a week is a week. Right?

Not so. This is the week I turned forty. We intentionally planned our family vacation that week because we were going someplace where I wanted to go to finish up my list of 40 New Things by 40. And so I broke my own rule. And here you have SIX pages of vacation photos and minimal journaling.

And I need to say, it was wonderful! I wish I could turn forty again! Notice how happy I look in all the photos. Just saying!

If you ever find yourself in Virginia City you so NEED to pay to go on a stagecoach ride. We almost skipped it because we were a bit tired and I really hate spending that kind of money on a five minute experience. But, I am SO glad we did. It was SO worth it!! Seriously!

So I am all caught up on Project Life. I will be posting the rest of my pages later this week. I've been working on a post that I talk about my strategies for getting caught up when I get behind. This time I was behind nine weeks and had some serious catching up to do! I managed to get all caught up in about two weeks. More layouts to come!


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