Thursday, September 12, 2013

Project Life | Weeks 28-30

I never thought I would be close to abandoning Project Life. It's a method of scrapbooking that has worked really well for me the last year and a half. Well, until I was nine weeks behind.

I hate to leave things half finished. So, I decided to sit down and devote a block of time to see how much I could do in a day. (My youngest is in kinder now and I actually had a full five hour block of time this week that I could just work on Project Life.) And with the exception of week 31, when we took our family vacation, I am all caught up. So I will be sharing my pages over the next few week.

Weeks 28-30

Week 28 we were really busy getting ready for VBS and I just didn't take photos. And week 30 we were recovering from VBS so again, I took very few pictures. So I decided to do something I've never done, I collapsed three weeks worth of photos into one double page spread. I thought I would hate how it looked, but I think it worked out better than I thought it would. And it felt so good to get three weeks done so quickly!



  1. Cami don't quit. Your layouts and pictures are wonderful. I think your layout where you combined 3 weeks looks really good. Love the sun card & the yellow & white makes the layout stand out.

  2. I'm so glad you shared a 3-weeks-on-one-spread like this. Thank you for not quitting :-)

    This is my first year of scrapbooking anything (and my GRANDkids range in age from 2yrs to 19yrs...yikes) and I chose Project Life. But then 'life' happened and I'm behind a wee little bit (okay, maybe more than a wee bit, Week 18 is my last week in the page protectors). You inspire me to just continue. I have lots of weeks where there are very few photos, so I'll be brave and combine some weeks just like you did. And my grandbabies will enjoy looking at those combined pages just as much as they do the 'full' weeks.

  3. For Pam: Thank you! Your sweet words encouraged me today!

  4. For KellyRae: Just continue, oh yes!! You will be so glad that you did. Don't stress about being behind. You can get caught up. I've got a post in process that I will share after I get caught up with some tips that I try and remember when I face a bunch of weeks I need to get caught up on. (I get behind more regularly than I really like to admit.) Good luck! Enjoy the process, even when the process looks a little different because you are playing catch-up!