Monday, September 2, 2013

Some of What I've Learned {August}

  • Seven is the perfect age (at our house) for having a friend sleep over for the first time. When you are four or five it's hard to spend the whole night. But whether you are seven or five, pedicures are the best part.
  • Turning forty isn't a big deal.
  • I'd much rather scour a sink than rinse it out. That probably explains why... When I know you're coming over my house is super clean, but if you were to stop by unannounced you might just feel pretty good about the level of clean in your own house.
  • Working out is a good thing, but not being singularly focused on myself is better. (I've taken a work out break the last week before school starts because getting frustrated with my kids for interrupting my work out is so not good.)
  • It's okay to not feel guilty that I would rather read a good book at home than go be with a group of people, even if I love all the people in the group. (Currently reading Quiet by Susan Cain.)
  • Sometimes we make things a big deal to our kids when what we really want is for them not to be a big deal.
  • Kindergarten is going to be okay.
  • Eating exclusively organic food isn't nearly as important as just eating more whole foods and less processed foods. And that's a lot cheaper.
  • Go away from home to new places family vacations are worth the expense and energy they require.
  • Sometimes doing something immediately with your child makes the difference between a birthday disappointment and the best birthday they have ever had.
  • Pets are very expensive, even if they don't require surgery(s). Don't let anyone convince you otherwise.
  • I love working outside the home, even just a few hours a week. My kids have loved spending part of a day at Grandma's each week.

August has been very good. September will find its own rhythm that I know I am going to love too.


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