Friday, October 4, 2013

Right Now | Daniel

Dear Daniel,

Right now... you still love Legos. When I uploaded the photos on my camera I smiled because you had more than twenty Lego scenes for the book you are writing with your buddy Jackson.

Right now... you read for hours and hours every week. I told you I wouldn't buy you any books from the last book order and you were crushed. I tried to explain it's because you read them so fast that it makes more sense to get them from the library. I relented and bought you one that has Star Wars Science Experiments since your teacher said that science and social studies isn't a priority in third grade. I want you and Daddy to be able to work on science together.

Right now... you love third grade. You talk a lot about the class dollars you are earning that will be used at the class auction at the end of the month. Even though you were disappointed at the offerings in the September auction, you are still earning your full $10 every day. I'm concerned the first time you loose a dollar you will be crushed.

Right now... you are diligently working on improving your Math time test scores. You do extra math online every day.

Right now... you are still driven by a strong sense of fairness and are quick to speak up when you perceive something to be unfair.

Right now... you still always get out of bed to hug me goodnight, as tightly as you can. I love that. Even though sometimes I feel impatient, I will probably cry when you think you are too old for that.

Right now... you are helping out with TruWonder on Sunday mornings. You have lead both Explore Activities and Connect Games. I especially love to watch you with the three and four year olds. You are gentle with your voice and you really talk to them, not at them. I love that.

Right now... you still play with Mercy and Gracie, but you get frustrated with them a little more quickly when they want to do things their way. You need some alone time.

Right now... I'm not sure how you got to be eight, almost nine. I am a little frightened about how quickly the next eight or nine years is going to go. It's so little time.

I love you, forever and always.

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  1. I love how you mentioned that he talks "to them" and not "at them"! Wow. What a great reminder that is for all of us! You have an amazing boy, you really do!