Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Right Now | In Photos

Right now... my work notebook is always in my purse. Loving my job, so it's okay.

Right now... my kitchen counter is always full.

Right now... I opt to use a different desk chair than move Little.

Right now... the papers needing attention are overflowing.

Right now... the library probably wants most of their books back.

Right now... Mindstorm is sitting in our living room, and I'm okay with that.

Right now... the top half of our refrigerator is littered with important school papers.
Right now... the bottom half of our refrigerator has my favorite piece of artwork ever (Gracie's).

Right now... we spend lots of time reading decodables.

Right now... we are planning a Homefront Family Group and I'm excited.

Right now... there are dishes piled up on my counter.

Right now... a truck that used to be ours sold and is waiting to be towed away.

Right now... my husband looks for opportunities to justify driving the new truck, rather than the van.

Right now... the cucumber plants need to be pulled into the garage.

Right now... the girls are still using sidewalk chalk, even though it's messy.

Right now... life is good, very good.



  1. Hello there, I just had to come and say thank you for this post!! I read your blog thru email and they always bring something new and thoughtful to my days. Today I just had to click over and leave this comment and hope it brightens your day like you did mine.
    I LOVE LOVE this RIGHT NOW post so much, each picture and the words are beautiful and REAL LIFE!!
    You document your life and little ones so wonderfully. I love telling our family story too and doing these kind of posts are my favorite!
    Thank you for the downloads, they are AMAZING!! Whenever we get ink for the printer I will be printing these and using them in my PL.
    Have a wonderful day!

    1. You totally made my week, Dawn! Thank you for your sweet words. Comments like this one are such a huge encouragement to keep on posting when I can. So glad you are enjoying not only the downloads, but sharing in some of our everyday life too. Thank you for your sweet words!