Saturday, October 12, 2013

Right Now | Saturday Edition

Except for the years I worked in retail, Saturday has been my favorite day of the week.

Growing up Saturdays more often than not meant one of three activities:
  • All day around the house;
  • A trip to the Baptist Haiti Mission for fresh produce, baked goods, and lunch in their cafe;
  • A trip to the beach.
All things I loved. But I always loved staying home around the house the most. So it isn't surprising that my grown-up life has a lot of that kind of Saturday too. Our kids aren't on any sports teams (don't judge us) and Saturdays is generally our time to do chores around the house and just "be". It's my bliss.

Right now... there is fresh fruit from our weekly local farm delivery on the table.

Right now... there are four Lego creations also on my table.

Right now... the rest of the Legos are dumped out on Daniel's floor.

Right now... Mercy is creating art in the living room.

Right now... the flowers are full and beautiful and falling over.

Right now... Eric is out cutting up trees he felled.

Right now... they're being cut in six foot sections....

...and being rolled and saved...

...for a friend, who requested them that way.

Right now... I am loving our high bush cranberries. Love.


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