Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Gratitude | Six

Today I am grateful...

my husband comes home tonight. He's been gone since elk hunting since November 1.

In our early years of marriage it was really, really hard when he was gone. The kids were little and when he left I had no break and no parental back-up when I felt like I was going to loose it with the kids. The days were long! Back then I had a really bad attitude about him leaving to go tromp around in the woods while I stayed home with all three kids.

But now that the kids are older (eight, seven, and five) it is a lot easier than it used to be when he was gone. For starters, my parents now live fifteen miles away (instead of 3,000). Plus I am a little better at looking for the advantages. I can do five days of purging and rearranging with only one day of reaction (he doesn't love change, of any kind). Plus, when Eric is gone the definition of dinner is a lot more flexible.

But I love my man and I am glad he's coming home today, with or without an elk.


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