Thursday, November 28, 2013

Gratitude | Twenty-Six through Twenty-Eight

I have loved taking time this month to write down daily something that I have felt most grateful for in that twenty-four hour period of time. I love how, much like a snapshot, it seems to have helped to capture the days for me, with just a few words.


Today I was grateful for...

an opportunity to intercede in prayer with wonderful woman.


Today I was grateful for...

assurance from the Lord that He will provide a way to meet the worship needs of my children as they age, even if it doesn't seem possible in the season and place we are in right now.


Today I was grateful for...

in-laws who graciously invited my side of the family to join us for Thanksgiving Dinner so that we didn't have to do two separate Thanksgiving meals. There was much laughter and an amazing amount of food and lots of gratitude in the house.


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