Friday, November 1, 2013

Including the Kids | A Gratitude Web

I am intentionally thinking about gratitude this month. I need it. If I need it, there's a good chance my kids need it too. So I've decided to include them as much as I can (even though I know a lot of this is personal and will happen in my own quiet time with the Lord).

There are a ton of great awesome over the top amazing thankful trees on pinterest. I don't have a lot of extra square footage in our house. What I do have is a blank wall in our hallway that I have often used for seasonal displays. I knew I wanted to claim that wall for gratitude this month.

The idea of a web came from some curriculum we have been using at our church (Tru by David C. Cook). One of the response stations they encourage you to use is a prayer wall on which kids can attach their written prayers. It's a web. The kids love to use it.

I took 14 clear push pins (really) and some twine (the kind I use looks really rustic, I love it). I measured (sort of, I used a legal sheet of paper to make sure my push pins were the same distance between each push pin). I put in the push pins. Then I got out the twine and just went back and forth. At each push pin I wound around twice.

This next step would look awesome over the top amazing if I had a Silhouette (or a Cricut) like all the other serious scrapbookers or crafters. But I am grateful for a pretty steady hand and three non-critical kids. I cut out the word Gratitude in a leaf paper (in hindsight I think a solid colored paper would look better). The whole thing took about fifteen minutes.

The best part was giving the littles square white sheets of paper and telling them they could use as many as they wanted to write what they are thankful for. When I explained that thankfulness it's a synonym for gratitude Gracie, who's five, interrupted to tell me, "Hey, I know about cinnamons I learned about them at school."

They had fun clipping them on themselves. We plan on adding to our gratitude web all month.

What fun ways are you practicing gratitude with the kids?



  1. We do some sorts of Gratitude craft every year. My kids are already asking, "What are we doing this year?" I was stumped. We've done a "stuffed with blessings turkey", thanksgiving trees, thanksgiving basket...this is perfect! Thanks for the inspiration...we are DOING IT!

  2. Yep, we did it! I will feature my Web on my blog later this week. I will be linking to you! Thanks again.

    1. Yeah! Sometimes we just need an easy, but super fun way to make something new. It's so great that your kids were asking what you were going to do, shows that it's making an important impact. Love that the most!

      I'll have to go to your blog and see what you did!