Wednesday, November 6, 2013

My First Anthropologie Hack | Felted Bows Garland

I saw this felted bows garland from Anthropologie on Pinterest this morning. So of course I clicked on over to take a closer look. Lovely! Right? I want it. It would be so versatile. Think mini birthday celebrations at home or even at work. But, $38 for less than eight feet of garland? Did I want it that bad? And wouldn't I really want more than eight feet? So really we're talking $76...

It looked pretty simple. And I thought, I'm going to make that for a whole lot less than $38. Right now.

And I did. And I was right, it was super simple. I used supplies I had on hand. But even if you had to go buy felt, you could easily make eight feet for less than $10. Best part? You can choose whatever colors you want to make it work for your party. And it's fast. Truly. I cut my pieces out before the kids left for school this morning (love late start Wednesdays!) Then I hand sewed them while I watched one episode on hulu. One strand completely done with supplies on hand!

So ready to give it a go?

Cut your pieces. I cut mine in strips one inch wide and four inches long. Using my mat and rotary cutter made it really quick. Keep in mind you aren't quilting and these don't have to me precise. I tried to keep mine uniform because I think the end product looks better that way. (Notice I'm truly using scrap pieces. It was a great way to use up pieces I'd made fun of myself for keeping after my last project.)

Don't they look lovely, all laid out in a rainbow. I sorted to make sure I had roughly enough of each color.

Now start sewing them together. I just pinched them together with my left hand and thread them through. (I used good old embroidery floss. I haven't cross-stitched in twenty-five years, but I find tons of crafty uses for the floss!)

See how it has started to take shape.

So pretty and so, so easy. Go make some. You know you want to! I am so NOT the queen of crafting and if I can do it, you can too!


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