Sunday, November 3, 2013

Project Life | Week Thirty-Nine

This was a week where I had very few pictures. In the past I have really felt a pressure (self-imposed) to make a double spread for every week, despite the lack of quality photos. But lately I've felt a great freedom to do what works well with what I have. Also, I find that if I work on blocks of weeks at once I give myself more freedom to do streamline, in a good way.

So here is week 39:

What I love about this week:

  • The photos I had allowed me to tell the story of our typical Sunday morning, which I haven't really done yet in any of the layouts this year.
  • Then there were two other big events (buying a truck and taking the girls on an overnight with my mom). I only had one photo of each, but they told the story well, so it worked.

This is my second year documenting our story this way. I find that I am finding my voice and gaining confidence in making it reflect who I am, artistically, but really telling the story through my lens. The first year I was much more concerned with what others were doing in their Project Life. Now I do visit pinterest for inspiration, but often I find I spend more time looking at graphic patterns and packaging than I do pages.

Still loving it! What about you?


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  1. Hello Cami, I'm loving your pages this week. Such a nice clean look for it. Those stories are the sweetest, Sunday mornings are my favorite for me to record, it's my favorite day of the week. We love to do overnighters too, so nice that your mom does it with you. Congrats on the new truck!
    I take too long looking at other PL blogs and IG on my phone. I do keep mine pretty simple though, just the PL core kits that way I get it done on schedule each week. Some weeks I do the one pager too but it seems that the next week I have tons of pictures and have to decide which ones make it into the album, I always want them all.