Monday, December 9, 2013

December Daily | Day Eight

Yesterday afternoon was magical. After a very full morning, the girls and I had a very quiet afternoon at home while the boys watched the game at my parents' house. There was no bickering or arguing. The girls played with their dolls (Our Generation -- AG knock-offs from Target that they love) for three hours. It is exactly what I needed to recharge my batteries from a draining morning and gear up for a very full week ahead with back to back seasonal activities.

Do you ever get tired of the holidays before they even officially arrive?

I dream of the day that I am brave enough to say what is in my head. No we won't be doing that this year. And when they look at me puzzled that I could decline an invitation to a party or shopping trip, or gift exchange or a Christmas Concert or a lights festival during the holidays I might even be bold enough to say: We've decided this year our Advent Season is going to be about quiet waiting for Christmas instead of arriving at Christmas so ready for it to please finally be over.

But this afternoon was nearly perfect, so special and sacred, leaving me wanting to reserve more of this in the days ahead.


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  1. I love your words in this post. You are so right about quietly waiting for Christmas. This is a season about the birth of our King, not about who can do the most fun stuff! If we're too frazzled to be thankful, then I think we're doing it all wrong.