Thursday, December 19, 2013

December Daily Meets Project Life | Week Fifty

So thankful that I decided to not worry about the six week gap in my Project Life pages. When I say I'm not worried, I don't mean I'm not going to do them. I'm going to get caught up, maybe even this week before (or after) Christmas. But I'm still moving forward with December Daily. I do love December Daily. If you aren't familiar with Ali Edwards' December Daily go HERE and read all about it and see Ali's work. Inspiring.

And for this past week's December 6x6 layouts, this is what we have...

No photos were taken at all on this day. It happens, even during December, or maybe especially during December. I had done some writing on the blog and so I pulled that and I think it actually added some nice variety to my layouts.

Keeping up has been harder for me this year than every before. With my youngest in Kinder I think I've expected that I would have more discretionary time on my hands. But it hasn't really worked out that way. I am definitely looking forward to the next two weeks when I am feeling free to say no to great things, in order to just be home. And with the ability for most of us to sleep in the next morning, I am able to work later nights and get some things like Project Life and December Daily up to date.


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