Thursday, December 12, 2013

Project Life Catch-up Post | Weeks Forty-Six through Forty-Eight

I have been working backwards, trying to catch up on Project Life. And it truly is painful for me to post weeks out of order. I'm a little uptight that way. But, I want to get the pages done posted. Maybe it will motivated to get working on another chunk of pages. Maybe. At any rate, I'm proud thankful that I have these three weeks done to share...

Week Forty-Six

Week Forty-Seven

I've mentioned before that when you are catching up there is no sin in doing a single page spread. For us the week prior to Thanksgiving week was insanely busy, but I didn't take a lot of photos. So I zeroed in on one event that I did have photos for and didn't worry about a second page. It was quicker that way and I didn't feel like I was scrounging to find stuff to fill in the blanks. And since Week 46 was similar (with a lack of photos), it worked.

Week Forty-Eight

I'm still loving how simple Project Life can be. It actually makes catching up possible. Someone should post how you could do Project Life four or five times a year and actually have your entire year scrapped. Though honestly, keeping up makes it a lot more enjoyable AND the stories you write down tend to include details that you don't remember when you are doing a big "catch-up" session.

What about you? Are you all caught up, or still faithfully plugging away at your own pace?


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