Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Right Now | Mid-December

Right now... days at home are my favorite thing.
Right now... minutes tinkering on the piano lift my mood almost immediately.
Right now... Daniel is reading The Hobbit.
Right now... reading American Girl doll books aloud with Mercy brings me great joy.
Right now... Gracie insists on doing her reading too, whenever Daniel and Mercy sit down to read.
Right now... evenings spent making doll clothes for the girls for Christmas feels exciting and sneaky.
Right now... my Christmas shopping list doesn't have anything crossed off yet.
Right now... my mom's offer to take the kids on Saturday so Eric and I can Christmas shop is keeping me from feeling too overwhelmed.
Right now... the Apple website gets a visit daily as I await a more specific release date than "December" for the new Mac Pro.
Right now... my jeans are too tight and I prefer not to change out of my yoga pants, but I do.
Right now... it's time to get back into the exercise habit.
Right now... "behind" describes almost everything that falls within my responsibilities.
Right now... the "stuff" in our sweet home is starting to make me a little bit snippy.
Right now... life is very good and beautifully blessed.


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