Monday, December 16, 2013

Right Now | Our Christmas Vacation Manifesto

This morning I was chatting with my hubby before he headed off to work. The kids start vacation in just a couple of days and will be off for two whole weeks.

Baby, we are all tired. Not just a little. My youngest, who has been known to say how much she loves to be on stage, refused to go up for the church Christmas Program on Sunday. My middle child has dark circles around her eyes and can barely drag herself out of bed to meet the bus at 7:45. And my oldest, well, it's a well known fact that he would be perfectly content if we never left the house and he could live his time at home alternating between reading a good book and playing Legos, for hours. Me, the fact that there isn't an area of my life that I am not behind, is making the thought of crawling back under the covers and pretending the rest of the world doesn't exist sound like a pretty appealing thought. My husband has lived in this state of being behind for most of his life. He is a perfectionist who has a single speed and cannot be rushed. He seems to manage this state better than I do, but I don't think he loves it either. In case you haven't guessed, four out of five of us are introverts who drain our social reserves quite quickly.

Baby, this has got to change. And let's be honest, as Momma, I am the one person who can change it for everybody else. (And the sooner I admit my responsibility, the sooner I can act on it. Right?)

I told my husband that my single goal for Christmas vacation was that we leave the house as little as possible. He gave me a wonderful smile and said I should write about that on my blog.

What? Write about what we are not doing? Admit we are on social and commitment overload? Admit we don't want to leave the house? Admit we are going to say no to things, even if our only commitment is being home?

Last week I was scrolling facebook and stopped on a video of Amy Grant singing I Need a Silent Night. Somehow I hadn't heard this one before. I watched it, several times.  You can watch the video HERE. It was exactly how I have been feeling. And I think it's true, how we feel about Christmas can change as we get older, and I am older. I'm a forty-year-old momma, that's very different than being in my twenties.

And so I began to mentally develop our 2013 Christmas Vacation Manifesto:

This Christmas vacation will be remembered as the Christmas we relished being home: to rest our minds, bodies, and souls, so that we are prepared to embrace all that God has for us to do in 2014.

I am looking forward to shutting out some of the noise that has crept into the Christmas Season.

May the peace of the gift of Christ settle in your heart as you await His birthday celebration!


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