Friday, January 3, 2014

2014 | What Might It Be for Me?

There are lists and one little words flying around rapidly this time of year. Everybody is spending a great deal of time and energy wishing and hoping and praying about what they want their year to look like. How they want to be shaped this year. What they want to prioritize. Who they want to become.

It's all good. And it's an interesting mental process. I've done it every year since I knew what a new year meant, a fresh starting point. I love to start things!

As I read everyone else's mental determinations guilt starts to seep in, a little. I should be doing that. If I don't do that I'm going to be in this same place next year and I won't have changed for the better. I'll have gotten stuck. I'll have wasted time. I won't be who I want to be. I wont' accomplish what I was meant to accomplish.

Then something happened, it might have been the Spirit's still quiet voice speaking to me, or it might have just been the culmination of who I know God to be from allowing Him to spend time with me. Either way, it was pretty clear what 2014 should be about for me.

Simplify, Cam. Even your goals. You don't need more lists. You already are plenty good at making lists. You don't don't need one little word. One word doesn't sum up what I have for you this year. Words are good, but My Word is better. Listen to My voice, Cam. Remember I am your life coach. I'm the one who knows what is going to go down this year and I am the only one who can prepare you for it. So spend time with me. Be with me more. Listen for My voice more often, not just when you are overwhelmed. As you concentrate on My Word, with practice, the other distractions will grow strangely dim. I want you to be a part of what I am doing, but I'm not necessarily going to give you the game plan for the whole year at the front end. You're going to have to just trust that there is a plan and that I'm going to let you in on it on a need to know basis.

So that's why I am not making any goals for 2014. Or maybe I am making just one goal, to intentionally put myself in a posture of listening to His voice.


Just a little clarifying note: If you know me, you know what a huge fan of goals I am. I make goals for my goals. I make lists for my lists. I love the one little word concept and I place great stock in pointing yourself in the direction you intend to go and moving forward. Huge stock. I am NOT disregarding any of that. I am strongly aware that for right now it seems as if God is wanting me to become more reliant on living a little bit more hand to mouth. Perhaps it's so that I am sure to be putting into my days what He wants accomplished instead of what I want accomplished. Perhaps it's for another reason completely unknown to me yet. This is where He has me right now and I am not suggesting that it is where He has anyone else.


  1. Interesting Cami. That was a similar message to what I was getting this year. I have a little memory card stand on my desk and I am stuck on the verse from Isaiah that says something like - when you go to the left or the right you will hear a still small voice from behind. (para) Trying to tune in this year!