Monday, January 6, 2014

Digital Freebie | A Little Teal Love Part 1

Download A Little Teal Love Part 1 HERE.

I really am starting, just starting to think about Project Life for 2014. This mini kit and the one I offered last week were designed back in December, before I went and bought the Just Add Color Project Life kit. I'll just be honest here and say that I really didn't look at the Just Add Color kit too closely. It was a fantastic deal ($30 people!) and I felt like the plastics and binder alone were well worth the money, so I pretty much just grabbed it. Well it arrived and I was a little surprised. Lots of square pockets and not a single 3x4 pocket. I wouldn't call what I'm feeling disappointment, exactly. More of a Hmmm, going to look at things a little differently now. So I do have one more freebie already designed that just needs some finishing tweaking that should come out later this week or next, but then I will probably be doing some 1x1 and 4x4 designs and some 4x6 designs, because it appears that's what I will be using a lot of in 2014. And we won't be sticking with teal all year. We'll have to Just Add Color and lots of it!