Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Documenting our Anniversary Trip | Port Townsend

My sweet man and I have been married almost eleven years. Last April we celebrated a decade. We are so much more fortunate than a lot of couples with kids. Both sets of grandparents live close by. Huge blessing. But an even bigger blessing is the fact that both sets of grandparents are eager to spend time with the grandkids. Because of our parents Eric and I were able to get away for an ENTIRE week, seven days! We went to Port Townsend and stayed at an amazing condo that we had bid on at a benefit auction. It was even better than our honeymoon. I love this man of mine so much more than I did when we walked down the aisle. Someday I'd love to go to Europe with just my husband. Perhaps for our 25th...

I did the bulk of this mini book last May. But as I read through and proofed it for printing I was transported to the most relaxing, stress-free week I've experienced in years. It was so fun for me to relive it through words and pictures. I thought I would share it here to inspire you. If you have photos sitting in your computer from a beloved vacation, get them printed, even if it was a year or two or three ago. After looking through the photos last night I greeted my husband at the door with a bit more cheer than I had the last few days.

I confess this did not turn out anything like I planned. Projects are like that sometimes. My vision was simply slipping the 4x6 photos into a mini photo album. You know, the cheap $2 albums. Well, I didn't think about the fact that those albums are all vertical. Bummer. So I headed to Michaels to find a solution. Could not believe that I couldn't even find any 4x6 sleeves to slide photos into. Seriously. I even thought perhaps in the Project Life supplies. (Don't you all love that they are available at Michaels now?) No luck. So I gave up and came home.

I decided to go ahead and just use ring clips. I had fifty-two pages, so it's a chunky little book. I attached my photos back to back (just used Pioneer photo sticker squares). I placed them where I would be punching the holes on the binding side, to reinforce my holes, so they last longer. Super easy project.

What I would do differently next time: Plan for more binding room. I had to punch holes in some words at the ends of sentences. Not cool. But I had put off finishing this project too long to not finish it up. I knew that if I redid the pages the project might not get done. And the truth is I still LOVED it, glitches and all.

Below I've shared the photos and most of the journaling. I did delete a few pages at the front of the book that gave a little too much personal information about where we stayed. (NOTE for GRAMMY who is probably reading: If you click on the photos they will enlarge and you should be able to read the type.)

This photo was the perfect cover photo.

I kept a simple format, leaving lots of room to tell the story of our time together. A lot of our days were spent visiting old historic places and I wanted to capture the beauty of Port Townsend through pictures. But even more I wanted to tell the story of us really enjoying being together.

I closed out the booklet with this photo. Hiking the longest natural spit was the one thing I wanted to accomplish on our trip. This sign was out at the end, near the lighthouse. To me it sums up our anniversary trip perfectly. We are fortunate that our reality is a very good one. It's busy and full and truly a wonderful life. I adore our kids and genuinely like being with them. But having a week when I could hear my own thoughts nourished me deeply. Time where Eric and I talked more about us than the kids, it was beautiful and lighthearted and fun. Time when we were reassured that we love each other more today than we did when we walked down the aisle, that's important stuff to remember.

If you are married with children, I highly recommend finding a way to get away for more than just a night or two. It is such a worthy investment in your marriage!


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