Thursday, January 30, 2014

Finally | And I'm Excited and Grateful and a Bit Worried

After ten years we have had to upgrade my cherished computer. We had been holding out for the Mac Pro, you've heard me go on about it here. But after multiple delays on its release and some realistic talking about my not designing professionally anymore, we decided to save a couple of thousand dollars and get an iMac instead.

Last night we loaded up the kids and headed to to our closest Apple Store. Eric wanted me to actually touch and play with the machine, to ensure that it was the one I wanted before paying so much money. So we went. But when a helpful salesman looks over my shoulder, I get all awkward and can't even seem to make the magic pad work. So I suppose a bit in an effort to save face I turn to Eric and say, shouldn't we just buy it, it's the one I want. So we do.

Custom upgrades. Should have it in 4-6 days he says. Then he finds out we are maxing it out. And he smiles and asks how badly I want it sooner. And I smile and say, "Can I have it now?" And he says, they have a completely maxed out one in the back. Really? I can come back in a little while, to give them time to add the extra memory. Okay.

So I take the girls to the American Girl store. Daniel goes to the Lego store with Eric. We browse. Then a decadent ice cream treat at Cold Stone Creamery. Then we walk out of the Apple store with my iMac.

And I am excited. Ten years is a long time in the computer world, even for a Mac.

And I am grateful. I don't take it lightly that my husband is willing to do this. It's a lot of money, even though we didn't do the Mac Pro.

And a bit worried. I want this to mean that I can spend less time on the computer, not more. And I do not want to become so enamored with my toy that I neglect all of the things in our life that are far more important.

So when Eric is home in the next few days he will be helping me to get my new computer set up. The screen is mammoth, people. It's bigger than our TV, which may not say much if you've seen our TV. But truthfully everyone in our house is excited for it to be up and running soon.


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