Friday, January 3, 2014

Project Life 2013 | Week Forty-Four

This was my Halloween Week layout. Yep, you can't tell, other than the cat ears. And I'm okay with that because we really don't celebrate Halloween. No big statement about why, we just don't. Seems like there are so many holidays and it's one that I just can't muster up enough energy to make important. I know there are some out there who couldn't fathom not making Halloween a big deal. My kids haven't ever really objected. They've always had dress-up clothes and I let them get dressed up, but we don't generally go buy costumes and I can't remember a time when we've gone trick or treating. We don't live in a housing development. We live in the country and it just isn't that important to me. So we head to Grandma Cook's (who has a really hard time with the fact that we don't do much) and we let her make cookies or cupcakes for the kids to decorate. The kids show off their costumes, that they mostly put together themselves, and it's a fun evening. So, I didn't have lots of photos for this week, EVEN THOUGH it was Halloween. So, again, I went with just one page. And I didn't even use any of my own Halloween digital freebies!


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