Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Project Life 2013 | Week Forty-Two

Why is it so challenging to remember that simple is good? Really, it is. This is such a simple page and I love how it turned out.

I am finally going back and working my way through getting my pages done from the couple of months this past Fall that it just didn't happen. Too much was going on. Good stuff. And I had given myself permission to set PL aside and just live, without documenting. Not give up. Just pause. When I went back and looked at the photos from this week, these two immediately stuck out. And you know, it's enough to represent the week for me. Honestly. I love, love, love the photo of all the cousins and it was so worthy of that space for me. The second photo of me and my friend and co-worker Carrie is so representative of my entire Fall. I've been working with her in Children's Ministries at our church I love this selfie we took at a local conference. As silly as I feel taking a selfie, I love being in at least some of the photos from our year.

For 2014 I want to use other family members photos more, so that I'm in the photos with my family. What about you? As you think about documenting 2014, what do you want to be intentional about?


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