Monday, January 6, 2014

Project Life | Week 01

I used to say that I did Project Life. That wasn't entirely true. I hacked the Project Life system. (Sorry Becky Higgins.) I adored the concept, double page spread a week in grid form. But I wasn't ready to spend on scrapbooking what a kit would cost. So I started designing my own cards and embellishments and doing my own version.

I am now doing Project Life. One week and I'm hooked!

This is nothing like anything I've done lately. And I feel like creatively there is this little ember that is ready to catch fire. It felt really risky to step away from my computer. To cut real paper. To cut photos. And it felt really, really good.

I had to set up a place to work. So I had the dear husband set up the table extension that he built eight years ago that we pull out only when we have a zillion people over. And it's staying up until he builds the desk for my office area. I definitely like having a sixteen foot table!

Take a moment and notice how my vintage drapes hold some of the very same colors as the Just Add Color kit?

Week 01 (left side)

And my first real attempt at Project Life. And who knew photographing these pages was going to be so darn tricky? The lighting in my house is horrid. And even with borrowing my brothers amazing camera (I love you Andy) and setting up an extra light, seriously, not fun. This was the moment when I missed digital!

I was nearly done placing photos and had just one left. It was horizontal and the space I had was vertical. I decided to cut it up and let it run into to the center and I loved how it turned out! Ended up being my favorite thing on that page.

I love layering cards. So now, while my supply is at it's peek, I'm probably using up more than the weekly quota in stacking the itty bitty cards. But I love how it looks. This might end up being another thing that makes me miss digital, the limitless ability to use your favorite pattern papers.

And I got a little free with the scissors after my first couple of cuts. It was fun. I chopped a 1x1 filler card and even cut up a sticker too.

Week 01 (right side)

Easily, this is my favorite part of this page. I love the photo. Daniel got a tablet from his Uncle Andy for Christmas. All three of them loose track of time while playing. This week it was helpful as we spent a couple of hours at the church putting together a backdrop on the stage. I love how all the colors worked together. It helps that I have three red heads!

How perfect was it that the yellow in this kit just happens to match the yellow in the stage backdrop my husband made happen for me this past week? Further proof that Just Add Color was designed with me in mind! Thank you Kerri Bradford! I think I wish you lived next door. I like you.

So far I am loving it. I can't wait to see what everyone else is doing and hunt down (and stalk) some others using the Just Add Color kit. So, naturally I will be linking up over at The Mom Creative where she hosts Project Life Tuesday where there is always a ton of inspiration!




  1. I love it!! I got the kit to use for Gavin's first year. I am such a "rule" follower- I got it out and immediately put it back. Your pages will give me inspiration that I don't have to have a pic for every day or put pics in a specific slot. Going to order some pictures tomorrow and work on his first two weeks! :)

  2. The pages look so great! How fun!

  3. I need to dig out the Project Life kit I purchased in 2009, and use it this year ;)
    Better late than never, right???

  4. I love the yellow.....such a happy colour! Your double page is perfect!