Monday, January 27, 2014

Project Life | Week 02

My girls helped me this week. And I'd be lying if I said that that brought with it absolutely no frustration. But it is still the biggest and best reason for taking a year and NOT doing it digitally. And I admit as we were "embellishing" there were times I thought, "Oh my, I don't think we need more." But all said and done, I don't think it looks over done. And the girls DID love helping.

I love, love, love the photo of my youngest squinting to see the small straw coming through the pop can tab. Eric and I both think she's going to be the one who ends up wanting to go hunting with Daddy when she gets older. And he might let her, if she learns to be quiet enough to actually see some animals.

Yes, all but two photos came from one main event, Family Game Night that we were pulling off at church. And I'm okay with that. I love the flexibility of PL to be about what is going on, whatever your week looks like and that it doesn't need to be merely one photo a day, though that might work really well for some weeks.

And I'm not sure who took this picture of me loving on Gracie, but it's a favorite, even if the color isn't perfect and it isn't the most flattering of me. I love it because it captures something she and I do all the time. She wraps those arms of her around my neck and just hangs on. There's always giggling and kissing. This photo captures that.

And that's Week Two.


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