Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Project Life | Week 03

I am using the Just Add Color Project Life kit and am really enjoying getting to add a variety of colors to my Project Life book. If you've been around here long you know that last year I kept with the same yellow, grey, and white colors all year. Still love it, but am so happy to be changing colors week to week depending on the colors of what I have to go in my book.

The first thing I realized at the end of my week was that I didn't have many photos. So I printed the three that I had, making one of them span the top two-thirds of the left-hand page. The great thing was that it left lots of room to add some of the kids' stuff too.

This yellow paper was from Daniel's class.

Then last night Mercy walked by the Project Life album (which is sitting out on the top of a dresser/buffet we have in our living room) and squealed, "M-O-M! Is that MY artwork?" She was thrilled that I found her doodle artwork worthing of adding to Project Life. That has to be my favorite part of not doing it digitally, it is SO much easier for me to include little pieces of things from the kids. Just love that! And apparently Mercy loves it just as much as I do!


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