Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Right Now | January 2014

There is something about this photo that I love. Perhaps because it is so candid. Mercy took it at the bus stop this morning. I love the Lego figure hanging from the back pack. I love how it reminds me how Daniel chatters about stuff at the bus stop with me, while we wait. It reminds me how right now he still lets me kiss him goodbye on the head, as long as I do it when I see the bus coming and don't wait until it arrives. Love it. Love him.

It's about time for another Right Now post. These are my absolute favorite to go back to and read through. The capture such a sliver in time and always make me smile and spend time just remembering. There is so much to remember in our day to day life that is so easily lost without the intentionality of writing it down. So here goes our Right Now...
  • Right now... I look forward to Fridays when all three kids are in school and I don't have to go to work.
  • Right now... I listen to worship music almost all the time to meet a need I'm not getting met at church, and right now it's helping. (An important note: This isn't a slam on the worship at church, we're not making it to a service that provides worship because we are facilitating the kids program.)
  • Right now... I've almost gotten used to the loud airplane-like noise my Mac G5 makes. It's preparing to take off and be replaced by the new Mac Pro in what Apple promises is a month. (But they have promised other things before, so we'll believe it when it has actually landed. But I am getting rather impatient and might be willing to buy something else that IS actually available.)
  • Right now... I'm loving that I transitioned from doing my project life pages digitally to using good old-fashioned printed papers and embellishments, even though it's a pain to photograph the pages for posting to the blog.
  • Right now... I need to be eating more whole foods, fruits and vegetables and less processed and pre-packaged foods.
  • Right now... the novelty of school has worn off for Gracie and she wakes telling me she doesn't want to go to school and she doesn't even want to get dressed. On no school days she is quite cheerful.
  • Right now... I'm loving my Yonanas contraption that my mother-in-law got me for Christmas (thanks, Mom). We're having frozen fruit that tastes like sherbert almost every night. (Eric doesn't love it as much as me, but he's eating it.)
  • Right now... the cats are driving my crazy and I would love for someone to come along and say that they desperately want to take two of the three.
  • Right now... I'm looking forward to a slower weekends.
  • Right now... I'm wondering if The Mom Creative is going to host Project Life Tuesday this year, but I'm too lazy to do the work of finding out.
  • Right now... Mercy has accomplished the huge task in her reading of moving from the group that receives extra help back to the classroom. We've celebrated. But we aren't letting up on our diligence to read with her at least 20 minutes every night.
  • Right now... we're living in a state of transition. My work station is set up on the end of a table extension in our dining room. When we purchase a new computer then we will finalize plans for the built in work space. I am getting anxious as it was supposed to all be complete by now, before all the Apple delays.
  • Right now... we are enjoying football as a family. Go HAWKS!
  • Right now... Gracie is singing out loud a lot. After watching Chipwrecked she has been singing, "I wave my tail back and forth. I wave my tail back and forth." Thinking we need to return that to the library real quick.
  • Right now... Daniel is spending a lot of time with his friend Jackson. Loving that friendship. Great kid.
  • Right now... work is a little bit crazy and it feels like one more area that I'm behind, but I don't want to give it up, nor do I think I should.
  • Right now... balance, rhythm, and quiet time with the Lord are sustaining me. That AND the hope that in a few weeks my mom and I will be getting away for a couple of nights together for our Annual Mother-Daughter Weekend.