Monday, January 27, 2014

Three Things | Getting More Stuff Done

Recently I read again how writing a short to do list really helps you focus and get things done. Sorry, can't remember where I read it, but it wasn't the first time. (I did say "again".) So this past weekend I have been trying it out. I need to get some things done. The proverbial tires of my life seem to be spinning and I'm not getting to my destination.

After a few days I couldn't do anything but laugh, because the alternative was cry. My three little things each day weren't accomplished. But after three days I had accomplished all three things from the first day. So perhaps there is some truth to the principle. Though, for me, I seem to need to aim for all three things, even if just one of them ends up getting accomplished.

So what were my three little things this weekend?

3 Things | Friday

  • Prep for TruWonder.
  • Finish our 10th Anniversary Trip Book
  • Complete Project Life Week Three

And now those three things are done! So here's my new list for today, which I am anticipating might take me another three days to complete...

3 Things | Monday

  • Post another digital freebies kit
  • Post photos of our Anniversary Booklet
  • Photograph and Post Project Life Weeks Two and Three


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