Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Around Here

Around here I have been focusing on other things besides the blog.
No designing to speak of.
No creative pin-worthy projects or adventures.

We've been doing family and work and more family and more work.
Photos being taken feel more for me these days.
We've been figuring out the the new computer, new programs, and trying to find new places to put things to avoid the clutter that drives me crazy. Shelves. And buying a printer. Those are the two big things that need to happen next.

Not terribly exciting, but the everyday things of life.

Not sure when the blog will receive attention again. It could be days away or months. Maybe when the shelves are done. Maybe when the printer is decided on and purchased.

When it's quietest here it seems to be when the most living is happening in our house. Piled up laundry. Play dates. Lesson planning for Tru Wonder. Floors that need to be swept. Mandisa dance parties with five and seven year old child stars. When the living slows back down a bit I'll have time to process all this good living. But for now...


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