Thursday, February 6, 2014

Project Life | Week 04

I've resorted to photographing my pages outside because of the lighting and today it's cold!

The biggest event of the week for us happened on Sunday when we watched the Playoff game at Mom and Dad's. It was an amazing game. I am not a football fan, BUT somehow the 12th Man spirit has swept through me... a little. (Nothing in contrast to some serious Hawks fans, but I'm at least watching the game.)

Eric complained through the first quarter that we shouldn't have bothered watching, sure we were going to loose. But the Hawks never gave up and it ended up being the best game all season, truly!

I love this photo because it is the epitome of football on my side of the family, pretty apathetic.

And Miss M. is on the other end of the spectrum. Loved her face make-up!! Sunday afternoons we have a couple of extra kids and so they got to join us for the game and they came excited to watch.


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