Friday, February 28, 2014

Some of What I Learned in February

As I stood at the sink yesterday, washing dishes I'd used preparing for dinner company (we haven't had dinner company that wasn't family in too long, easily a year) I read the quote I have typed up, printed out, and framed on my window sill:
There's a trail of beauty waiting to be left behind you.
Emily P. Freeman/Chatting at the Sky
And the nerves began to settle, a little. The prayers began to focus, not on me, but on the couples I had invited, and I was reminded why He calls us to push ourselves out of our comfort zone. It's not about me. It's about something deeper. Bigger. Much more significant.

Today I'm linking up over at Chatting at the Sky for her What I Learned series. Head over there. Write your own post and link up too. Chatting at the Sky is a refreshing breath of air.

10 Things I learned in February:

  • Regular coffee with lots of creamer can replace a latte if your espresso machine stops working properly.
  • This faith community thing is more important sometimes than a secluded evening at home with just my kids around the dinner table telling me about their day. Opening our front door to new and old friends blesses in ways that both stretch and shape us. When the kids are involved in hosting other kids, it blesses them just as much too.
  • I am officially a middle-aged woman and I'm a little bit happy about that. Middle-aged is something that seems to fit me like a pair of favorite jeans. And even though that must sound incredibly depressing to the young souls, those born with an old soul living in a young body can be encouraged that at some point their body and soul will line up and it will be sweet. This is a sweet spot for me.
  • I don't really have a color in my kitchen. It's sadly colorless and I'm not sure when that happened because it hasn't always been that way.
  • I love children. I really, really love children, especial 3-5 year olds. I love to look into their eyes when they tell a story. I love the moment they realize that you are really looking and hearing them. Then they can't stop saying your name because they have a lot of stories to tell you.
  • I love, love, love it when I hear a small person say "Miss Cami".
  • Sometimes I need quiet rest from the blog to keep it a refreshing place for me. I am starting to feel the words swirl in a lovely way again. Sabbath is so very good.
  • I've learned you can re-sensitize your ears. We've been watching the second season of HBO's In Treatment, picked up at the library on a whim. The last decade we have been more selective with our movie choices and some of the dialogue has been noticeably harsh on our ears. Do real people talk like that? The stories have drawn us in and we will likely finish out the season, but won't look for other seasons.
  • Sometimes people leave a church they've been going to for a really long time and it hurts not just the pastor, but the entire faith community too. It's this weird awkward to talk about ache. And this article my pastor read and posted a link to recently is very good. If you are thinking about leaving your church, try to make yourself read it before you go. And for the record, one time many years ago when I prayed about leaving a church I heard a definite "no".
  • I can go a day without pop, even a stressful one, but I sure don't like to and that bothers me, but I'm scared to try and change it.

What did you learn in February?


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  1. I don't know how old you are, but as of next month I'm definitely middle-aged, as in AARP is already sending me mail. Like you, I feel very comfortable at this age; it fits well. I became an empty-nester when the kids went to college and it's been a little weird redefining my occupation/role/who I am, but other than that it's a happy time for me. Glad to know I'm not alone.

    As for the pop, you can give it up. I gave it up years ago and only drink about 1-2 a year. I never thought I could, but it definitely improves your health. I'm not even tempted any more.