Saturday, March 22, 2014

Welcome Weekend | Blueberry Scones

My whole life Sundays have been set aside for church. We were that family that could have closed the church doors behind us. We grew up in Haiti and attended an English-speaking church that ministered to mostly families who were in full-time Christian missionary service. Sundays was about fellowship. And my mom was a "fellowshiper". So in this super busy season for our little family and we are among the last ones out of the church on Sunday, it's okay. I still love the weekends. And I still love Sundays.

Saturdays, however, are my favorite because it's usually our slowest day of the week. Our kids are real home-bodies, like their mom and dad, so we try to stay home on Saturdays whenever humanly possible. Mercy and Gracie play or craft together. Daniel plays with his Legos. Eric works on chores outside when it's not raining. And well, sometimes I bake something yummy, just because.

We're home today and I decided to make scones. I've never made them. Ever. And there were some blueberries calling my name from the freezer. So, I gave it a go.

Now I am going to shock some of you and admit that I do not remember ever eating a scone before.

Yes, one who frequents Starbucks doesn't recall ever having a scone. So I'm not sure how they are supposed to taste. But...

These were delish!

I used this recipe. And I didn't have any heavy cream, so I just used 2% milk. Oh my! The lemon glaze put this treat over the top.

So go enjoy your Saturday. And if you like sweet treats, make yourself some of these. But plan to have to workout extra long, because you might just eat more than you should!


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  1. Hi! I just left a comment over the weekend on your feebies page, and added you to my feedly feed. So fun to read that you grew up in Haiti! As I shared in my previous comment, my husband and I are full time missionaries in Haiti with our two kids. Would love to hear what part of the country you were living in. We're in the St. Marc area.