Sunday, April 27, 2014

Right Now | April Again

It's been a while. That seems understated. Even when I have shown up with a post, it has been a quick, right now post or a look at this yummy recipe post, nothing of substance. I don't apologize. This is not where I have needed to be right now. Right now I have needed to be doing other things the Lord has assigned me, for the moment. They have been beautiful lovely things. And I have even wondered if I should write a good-bye blogland post. But I haven't.

The last two months have been...

...filled with hours of filming and editing. Eric purchased a video camera, our first. Our purpose was to create some of our own storytelling clips for the kids' Easter celebration at church. And that happened, thanks to some great friends from church willing to fumble through my poorly written script to act out parts of The Big God Story, or do voice-overs. And then Eric spent evenings learning new editing software. And in the end I think it was worth the effort. Much was learned about lighting and how best to mike and color balancing multiple cameras and even more about how to fix your mistakes with lovely fancy editing software after the filming is done. And I would so do it again.

...about doing bare minimum housework. More than a few times my husband didn't have a clean ironed shirt and Mercy had to pull dirty jeans out of the laundry basket. And since the vacuum isn't always working, trying to use it slipped to very bottom of the list, until this morning. It quit after I finished the living room. So guests better not need to walk down the hallway anytime soon. And my kitchen, well it's been awful and there have been stacks on my counters that I've wanted to just go away.

...about spending a lot of time at work.

...about getting further behind on Project Life. The last layout I did was Week 09. I've been this far behind before. Catching up is challenging, especially when things have slowed down, just a bit, not stopped completely.

...almost picture-less. This makes me sad. So I start from this moment, again prioritizing photos. Because I do love to remember. And it is very hard to catch up on Project Life if there are very few photos. But even in my sadness, I will not receive guilt, simply move forward. I made promises to no-one. No broken promises. No guilt.

And because of all of this, when the official celebrations of Easter finished there was the beginning of a very personal, much more nuclear celebration that has been happening in our home.

So this week has been...

...the girls wearing their new maxi skirts as much as Mommy allows, which meant three times this week.

...attending school concerts followed by...

...delicious ice cream cones.

...about washing all the bedding in the house, all seven loads full.

...playing in the sunshine, breaking the rules and letting the girls take their Barbies outside, even the tiny little shoes.

...leaving the house as little as possible.

And it is well with our souls.



  1. Reading this as I'm uploading my first week of PL to start my book. Sometimes floors and laundry have to wait while we live life right?
    I'm glad you are posting, even if it's far and few between. :)

  2. I decided that my basement area will never be clean enough to start so I did Gavin's first three pages of project life last night. Felt great! I will have a hard time doing just a double page spread a week but I'm going to work on being flexible! :) Glad life is going well for you, busy, laundry, and no blogging and all!

    1. Haha!! Love it. I have been thinking I need to just jump back into PL. I have let it go so many weeks that it feels daunting. But sometimes it just takes starting back in to get lost in the fun of it all. Good for you to choose to celebrate those first weeks with Gavin by documenting them. Those first weeks you want to get down as soon as possible because there is so much beauty in the tiniest details you remember.