Tuesday, May 13, 2014

It's Not About Perfect Behavior

It's not about perfect behavior, it's about passionate hearts.

How many times has "passionate" been code for less than perfect behavior in a child? A lot in our house, especially with our third child. I have a very passionate third child. If you have ever described your child as "passionate" go back and read that first sentence again. If you have ever described someone else's child as "passionate," go back and read that sentence again.

Did you start to cry? I did.

The first time I heard that was three years ago when I heard about the book Spiritual Parenting. But I confess, I need to be reminded. Again and again. I forget when my daughter is yelling, "I don't want to do that!" in the hallway at church and other parents are trying to scoot around us. I'm sure they are using every ounce of self control not to cover their child's eyes and ears for fear that they learn my child's behavior.

Did I mention that I am in charge of one of the children's programs at church? Yep. What must those parents think of me? I think I know in the dark moments when I am not dwelling on the truth of that first statement.

Have you read the book Spiritual Parenting? No? Please do, if you have a child, or hope to have a child, or ever watch your niece, nephew, grandchild or the neighbor's kids, or notice a frazzled mom at church look like she wants to cry or has been crying. I admit I didn't believe Michelle Anthony (the author of Spiritual Parenting) when she first said it. But our Children's Pastor gave me (and every other family in our church) the book. I read it. And with each and every chapter my heart opened up and began to embrace something that I thought just might make sense. And as my perspective changed, so did some other passionate hearts in our home.

It's not about perfect behavior, it's about passionate hearts.

Interest piqued? I'll be back with more of our story tomorrow.


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