Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Project Life | March {Weeks 10-13}

It was a Monday morning. I'd gotten the older two on the bus, to start the last month of school. The youngest was still sleeping. I sat down at the computer and sorted out my photos by weeks. I didn't really want to count how many weeks I was behind, but my sequential mind needed to know how far back I was going. Eleven weeks. Could I do anything of any quality if I was really eleven weeks behind? I needed to give it a try.

You know it's bad when you can post a month at a time. Yep, I've fallen behind on Project Life. And this willful girl is refusing to admit defeat. I am not giving up. I am living proof AGAIN that you CAN get caught up on Project Life.

Week 10 was really fun to put together. I spent the most time on it. It was a special week, Eric turned 40!

Left Side

Left side: Detail 

Right Side

Right Side: MOD Pizza sticker detail

Right Side: Ticket stub detail

This was my first time ever for an insert. I took the cover of the program for the play we'd gone to see the weekend of Eric's birthday and I sewed it together with all of the cards and notes and drawings the kids had made for Eric's birthday. I have always struggled to know which of those things to keep. This seemed to work really well and I will likely do it again, at least for milestone birthdays (like 40).

Week 11

I loved the colors this week and I loved the layout. What I didn't love was that I printed my photos on my printer and I just didn't love how dull they ended up being. But when you're behind, you just have to let perfection go. At least I do, or nothing would ever get done!

Week 12

My least favorite layout to date. But again, with the perfection. Sometimes you just have to move on, which was the case with this layout.

Week 13

I liked this layout except for the fact that it reminded me too much of one I had done recently. I do love a couple of details that I have on this page.

My grandpa had his 92 birthday this week. A big deal.

I included a letter that my grandma wrote to him and read to all of us at the party. It was incredibly honoring and I wanted to include it. I folded it up and tucked it in the sleeve, only showing part of it. But it's sewn in such a way that it can be pulled out and unfolded to read and then refolded and tucked back in.

So that was a month...


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